Sarnia Rooftop Grease Containment

Grease, fat, and oil tend to collect on the roofing surface of a building that houses a commercial kitchen, i.e., a hotel, restaurant, or another food establishment. This collection of grease, fat, and oil not only presents a fire hazard but also decreases the roof’s lifetime by causing premature aging of the roofing material.

Sarnia Hood Cleaning provides an effective solution for containing these contaminants on the roof. We help businesses within and around Sarnia, Ontario, deal with the challenge of rooftop grease containment by creating a system that ensures the collection and proper disposal of grease, fat, and oil from commercial kitchen exhaust systems.

Using either an above-ground or below-ground grease interceptor, Sarnia Hood Cleaning effectively captures even the smallest particles of contaminants before they can reach the roof. Our interceptors are designed for easy installation and maintenance, allowing us to provide a safe, efficient solution for your rooftop grease containment.

Our preventative maintenance program provides regularly scheduled cleanings, including inspection of the grease interceptor and cleaning around the ovens and other kitchen equipment. This helps to ensure that the system remains free from clogs and that the grease, fat, and oil is properly collected.


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Rooftop Grease Containment System

Installing a rooftop grease containment system is not merely an option if you manage a commercial kitchen in Sarnia, ON. It is an absolute necessity. Sarnia Hood Cleaning is committed to providing your business with the best service possible. We will ensure that you have the proper containment system and interceptor installed and maintained properly so that you can rest easy knowing everything is in order.

Our knowledgeable technicians not only install rooftop grease containment systems but also provide advice on how to optimize their efficiency. We offer services like installing insulation and making other modifications for the best performance of your system.

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Grease Containment Need for a Kitchen Hood

Partnering with us guarantees a comprehensive solution that meets all your needs, from installation to maintenance. Here’s what you’re getting if you choose Sarnia Hood Cleaning for rooftop grease containment:

  • A qualified team of technicians

  • Customized containment solutions

  • Comprehensive maintenance plans

  • Quality products and materials

  • Affordable prices

  • Timely service with minimal disruption to your kitchen operations

Give us a call – we love to be of service!


Sarnia Grease Containment Systems

Grease removal devices are installed in the drainage system to capture and remove grease before it can clog the pipes.

Rooftop grease containment systems are installed on the rooftop of commercial kitchens and are designed to contain and remove grease and oil from the water before it enters the drainage system.

Each building and kitchen has different requirements, so consulting an expert is essential to identify which grease containment system would suit your needs.


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There are several types of rooftop grease containment systems, including:

Grease traps are passive systems that use gravity to separate grease and oil from the water used in commercial kitchens. They are typically located near the kitchen equipment and connected to the drainage system.

Grease interceptors are active systems that combine gravity and water flow to separate grease and oil from the water. They are typically situated in the basement or underground and connected to the drainage system.

Grease recovery systems use a pump to collect and separate grease and oil from the water. The collected grease can then be recycled or disposed of properly.


Prevent Rooftop Damage with a Grease Gutter

Grease Containment Device Filter Cleaning

Sarnia Hood Cleaning delivers the most detailed and reliable grease containment device filter cleaning service in Ontario. Our process involves the following steps:

  • Inspection of the grease containment device

  • Cleaning and degreasing of all components

  •  Replacement of filters as needed

  •  Sanitation and deodorizing

  •  Checking for proper operation

  • Scheduling regular maintenance visits to ensure optimal performance

You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars annually to clean and maintain a rooftop grease containment system. Contact us for a quote, and let us show you how our services can save money and keep your kitchen running safely.


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Mitigating Rooftop Damage through Grease Gutters

Grease Laden Vapours in Sarnia

Our containment systems are built to capture and contain all grease-laden vapours so they don’t enter the kitchen, eliminating potential health risks. Not only that, but our containment systems protect your kitchen from costly damage due to grease buildup and help keep the air clean and pleasant.

Also, the grease-laden vapours aren’t supposed to stay on the roof. As such, we recommend that you schedule regular maintenance visits to ensure the optimal performance of your rooftop grease containment system.

We service all commercial establishments in the Sarnia part of Ontario, so don’t hesitate to contact us for more information and a free quote.


The problem with grease-laden vapours in a commercial kitchen setting is that it can create a hazardous environment for your staff and customers. Sarnia Hood Cleaning has the solution to this problem – rooftop grease containment systems.


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Grease Laden Flammable Vapours

Grease-laden vapours aren’t just filthy; they’re also highly flammable. This is another reason to install a rooftop grease containment system. With this system in place, all the possible contaminants produced by cooking food will be contained and safely removed from your kitchen. The usual scenario is for them to go to the roof, but with a containment system, the vapours will be diverted to an external or internal collection unit.

The key to a properly functioning grease containment device is having it regularly serviced. We will inspect your system based on an agreed frequency. Remember that the NFPA 96 standard has prescribed safety maintenance intervals for all commercial kitchen equipment. We will also replace the filters and degrease the system as needed, ensuring that your kitchen runs with efficiency and safety in mind.


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Proper Solution for Grease Accumulation

Proper Grease Containment

A proper grease containment system adheres to the standards the local fire and health departments set forth, in line with the NFPA 96 codes. At Sarnia Hood Cleaning, we specialize in designing and installing rooftop grease containment systems that meet the highest standards.



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Avoid Restaurant Fires by Cleaning Exhaust Fans

Commercial Cooking Equipment in Sarnia

Handling commercial cooking equipment cleaning requires the skills of a professional. Sarnia Hood Cleaning is your most dependable service for all your commercial kitchen needs in Sarnia, Ontario.

Our professional cleaning services include inspection and cleaning of grease containment devices, installation of exhaust hoods and fans, supply and installation of fire suppression systems, and annual maintenance services. We also specialize in cleaning, polishing and repairs of stainless steel surfaces.


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Passive Fire Protection System in Sarnia

One of five commercial kitchens in Sarnia, ON, does not have a properly installed passive fire protection system. It’ll result in serious damage to the building and loss of life due to uncontrolled fires. Sarnia Hood Cleaning specializes in designing, installing and maintaining passive fire protection systems that meet and exceed all local codes and regulations.

A passive fire protection system’s purpose is to reduce the fire risk from spreading. We will install fire dampers, fire-resistant walls and ceilings, smoke barriers, and other safety measures that provide a 60-minute fire rating for your building.


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Factory Upblast Fan

Sarnia Rooftop Grease Containment Systems

Don’t take the gamble of having poorly maintained rooftop grease containment systems. Contact us today to install the best system for your commercial kitchen in Sarnia, Ontario.

We commit to full disclosure and transparency when offering our clients the best services and products that meet their needs. Rest assured that your kitchen’s safety is our top priority.


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Installing A Grease Gutter

Professional Rooftop Grease Containment in Sarnia ON

Sarnia Hood Cleaning is the only company you need for professional rooftop grease containment in Sarnia, Ontario. We offer free quotes and consultation services to all our clients. Contact us today to get started on enhancing the safety of your commercial kitchen.


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Specific Restaurant Circumstances call for a Grease Gutter Installation

Commercial Kitchen Rooftop Grease Containment in Sarnia

As a commercial kitchen operator in Sarnia, ON, one of your responsibilities is to guarantee the safety of your patrons and staff from the dangers associated with cooking. To protect your kitchen and keep it up to code, you need a professionally installed rooftop grease containment system.

Sarnia Hood Cleaning is dedicated to creating and installing systems that meet the highest safety requirements and all local fire codes. Reach out today for a complimentary price quote on our top-notch rooftop grease containment services!


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Specific Restaurant Circumstances call for a Grease Gutter Installation

Restaurant Rooftop Grease Containment Services in Sarnia

Sarnia Hood Cleaning offers all food establishments in Sarnia, ON, the following services related to rooftop grease containment: inspection and cleaning of filters, installation and maintenance of exhaust hoods and fans, supply and installation of fire suppression systems, and annual maintenance services.

This service is part of our comprehensive kitchen exhaust system cleaning that includes hood cleaning and maintenance, kitchen equipment cleaning, and more. We use the latest cleaning technology to eliminate grease and other residues in your kitchen.


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Rooftop Grease Containment Solutions for Businesses in Sarnia

There’s a valid reason why local health authorities and the fire department in Sarnia, ON, require commercial kitchens to install rooftop grease containment systems. Restaurants and other food establishments are especially prone to grease fires from poorly installed or maintained kitchen exhaust systems.

The existing equipment within the bounds of the kitchen is not enough to contain the grease from entering the system. That’s why Sarnia Hood Cleaning offers rooftop grease containment solutions for businesses in Sarnia to minimize fire risk and keep their commercial kitchen safe and compliant.

Contact us if you need help with your kitchen exhaust system cleaning, installation of passive fire protection systems, and professional rooftop grease containment in Sarnia.



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Most Restaurant Fires Start in the Kitchen Hood

Rooftop Grease Trap Installation in Sarnia

Installing a rooftop grease trap or removal device isn’t meant to be a do-it-yourself project. You can’t afford to waste your investment in an incorrectly installed system. That’s why you should rely on the expertise of Sarnia Hood Cleaning for all your rooftop grease containment needs.

Our team provides reliable, cost-effective and efficient installation services for rooftop grease traps in Sarnia, ON. We use only superior-grade materials that won’t easily succumb to wear and tear.

We guarantee that the rooftop grease trap we install will comply with Ontario’s health and fire regulations, ensuring your kitchen stays up to code and safe at all times.


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Rooftop Grease Trap Installation in Sarnia

Sarnia Rooftop Grease Containment Experts

Don’t just hire anyone – call on Sarnia Hood Cleaning if you need help choosing, installing, and maintaining your rooftop grease containment system. Our commitment to excellent service and quality results surpasses our client’s expectations. Call us, so you get to experience our top-notch services for yourself.



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Sarnia Rooftop Grease Containment Experts

Preventing Rootop Grease Buildup in Sarnia

The most efficient way to prevent rooftop grease buildup is by installing a rooftop grease containment system. Sarnia Hood Cleaning offers this service to ensure your kitchen meets the health and fire safety requirements. You want your food establishment to be up to code all the time, and this solution gives you the best chance of being compliant.

We guarantee all elements are precisely fitted, providing you with cost savings in the future. Also, we will offer ongoing cleaning and maintenance services to maintain your rooftop grease containment system operational as expected.


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Preventing Rootop Grease Buildup in Sarnia

Sarnia Rooftop Grease Containment Maintenance

By taking advantage of our maintenance package for your rooftop grease containment system in Sarnia, ON, you’re relieved to know that everything is covered – regular inspections, cleaning and repair services. After all, proper maintenance is critical to ensuring the safety and compliance of your commercial kitchen.



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Sarnia Rooftop Grease Containment Maintenance

Rooftop Grease Containment Services in Sarnia, ON

Sarnia Hood Cleaning provides premium rooftop grease containment services for clients in Sarnia and the surrounding areas. We can help you pick the best type of roof-top grease containment system, install it, and then maintain it. Call our team right now – we hope to work with you soon!



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Rooftop Grease Containment Services in Sarnia, ON