Sarnia Restaurant Cleaning Services

Cleaning restaurants require attention to detail and expertise. And although you perform daily cleaning, it’s not the same as a deep clean. That is why we are here to help!

Sarnia Hood Cleaning is a top-flight restaurant cleaning service located in Sarnia, Ontario. We specialize in deep cleanings that are tailored to the needs of your restaurant and kitchen. Our trained team comes with the know-how and tools to achieve the highest level of sanitation for all food service areas.



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Restaurant commercial cleaning services for kitchens

We believe that a clean kitchen is essential for running a safe and successful business. Professional kitchen cleaning is a necessity for any restaurant owner who wants to protect their reputation and ensure the long-term success of their business.

Our team provides deep cleaning services for commercial kitchens, including:

Grease traps and hood systems

• Exhaust systems

• Walls, ceilings, floors, and other surfaces

• Racks, shelves, and storage areas

• Cooking equipment and ventilation systems

• Refrigeration units

• All cabinetry and countertops

• Disposal of all grease-related waste

Every job is treated as a priority and all staff is trained to ensure compliance with health codes. We strive to create a healthy and safe restaurant environment for your customers, staff, and business. Call us when you need professional and reliable restaurant cleaning services in Sarnia, Ontario.


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Professional Commercial Cleaners and Janitorial Services

Sarnia restaurant deep cleaning services

Our deep cleaning services include:

Grease trap cleaning

• Hood system cleaning

• Exhaust fan de-greasing and polishing (including filters)

• Complete wall and ceiling degreasing, sanitation, and disinfection

• Cleaning and sanitizing of all surfaces, equipment, and cabinetry

• Floor cleaning and degreasing

• Refrigeration unit degreasing

• Disposal of grease-related waste (in compliance with environmental regulations) 

It’s our priority to make sure your kitchen is clean and safe.


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We offer guaranteed results with our deep cleaning services. Sarnia Hood Cleaning has been in this business for over two decades, meaning we know what ought to be done to keep your kitchen and restaurant in excellent condition.


Deep cleaning service with weekly cleaning intervals

Restaurant kitchen cleaning and sanitizing

Cleaning and sanitizing go hand-in-hand. Our restaurant kitchen cleaning approach is aimed at ensuring the highest level of sanitation in your restaurant.

Restaurant kitchen cleaning and sanitizing services include:

Professional degreasing and disinfection for all surfaces

• Cleaning and sanitizing of all cooking equipment

• Deep cleaning and disinfection of floors, walls, ceilings, and ventilation systems

• Cleaning and sanitation of all cabinetry and countertops

• Disposal of all grease-related waste in accordance with local waste regulations.

A clean kitchen isn’t merely about compliance to health and fire codes – it’s about creating an atmosphere of quality and excellence that your customers can trust.


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Sarnia restaurant hood and exhaust cleaning

The professional kitchen hood and exhaust cleaning services of Sarnia Hood Cleaning offer your restaurant a complete solution for deep cleanings. We believe that a clean kitchen is essential to the success of any restaurant, and our team has the expertise to deliver results with excellence.

Contact us at your most convenient time – we’re always ready to help!  We look forward to hearing from you.


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Restaurant floor cleaning and maintenance

The restaurant floor, especially in the kitchen, is often the most neglected and forgotten area in terms of cleaning and maintenance.

Floor cleaning is essential for health and safety, as well as creating a clean, welcoming environment for your customers. Our restaurant floor cleaning services include:

Stripping and waxing of floors

• Carpet extraction

• High-speed buffing and polishing

• Grout cleaning and degreasing

• Deep-cleaning of all corners, crevices, and hard to reach areas.

Be sure to give us a call if you’re in need of professional restaurant floor cleaning services.


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Office Building Cleaning

Sarnia restaurant equipment cleaning and maintenance

Equipment cleaning and maintenance are at the forefront of restaurant safety and efficiency. Our team of experienced professionals can clean, maintain, and repair all types of restaurant equipment, including:

Cooking equipment

• Refrigeration units

• Ventilation systems

• Ovens

• Fryers

• Grills

• Coffee machines 

We have the experience and knowledge to provide superior equipment cleaning and maintenance services.



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Restaurant post-construction cleaning services

If you’re in the midst of a renovation or construction project, restaurant post-construction cleaning services can help you get your restaurant up and running quickly.

We offer post-construction cleaning services such as:

Removing debris and dirt from all surfaces

• Cleaning of walls, ceilings, and fixtures

• Degreasing and sanitizing all surfaces

• Cleaning of ventilation systems and exhaust fans

• Dust removal from hard-to-reach areas. 

Whether you’re renovating an existing restaurant or building a new one, our post-construction cleaning services are what you need to ensure your restaurant is ready for business.


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Floor stripping and surface scrubbing

Sarnia restaurant pressure washing services

Sarnia pressure washing services help ensure your restaurant is free from dirt, debris and built up grease.

Professional-grade pressure washing services for all areas of your restaurant includes:

Exterior surfaces (sidewalks, patios, windows)

• Kitchen exhaust systems

• Parking lots and driveways

• Kitchen walls and floors

• Grease traps. 

Pressure washing is an essential part of restaurant maintenance, so don’t skip it! Contact us today to discuss your needs. 


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Sarnia ON professional cleaning service

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is a tad more challenging than other areas, but when done correctly can help elevate the appearance of your restaurant. Our carpet cleaning services include deep steam cleaning and deodorizing to remove dirt, debris, odours and stains.

We cater to all types of carpet fibres, from wool to nylon and everything in between. Our team can also provide spot removal treatments if needed.


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Commercial Cleaning Services for Kitchens

Sarnia restaurant window cleaning services

Having clean windows is essential to creating a pleasant dining experience for your customers. Sarnia Hood Cleaning will take care of your window cleaning needs, particularly:

Interior and exterior windows

• Window sills and frames

• Skylights, mirrors, and glass dividers

• Solar panels

We use eco-friendly and streak-free solutions to ensure your windows stay clean and clear.


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Restaurant restroom cleaning and maintenance services

Restroom cleaning is a very important part of restaurant maintenance and cleanliness. We cover everything:

Restroom sanitizing

• Soap dispensers refilling

• Floor washing

• Garbage disposal

• Toilet bowl and urinal cleaning and disinfecting

• Mirror, sink and countertop cleaning.

Our procedure will guarantee that no germs or bacteria remain in the restroom. Call our team today for a no-obligation quotation!


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Restaurant restroom cleaning and maintenance services